The Intimacy Experience

Level 2 . Tantra Immersion
July 21st - 24th 2016
3 nights, 3 days ~ uncover the true nectar of relating
In just one weekend I feel like I got 90% of my shit figured out." ~Eric

Beloved Friends,

I am so excited to finally announce the 2016 dates for our Level 2 Tantra Immersion event, The Intimacy Experience!  If you are anything like me, the taste of Tantra that you received at our Level 1 Awaken Weekend event opened the door, and your body is craving more, and more, and more... There are so many mysteries we have yet to explore, and I am so ready to hold the space for you to truly ‘go there’.  

This event will be offered only twice a year and is limited to 22 participants. 

The Intimacy Experience is the foundation for truly allowing this work to translate into your intimate relationships and lovemaking.

A True Story About My Personal Experience:                      

Many of you know that my beloved Martin and I met at a Tantra event, much like my Awaken Weekend led by one of my teachers... when we met, I was in another relationship and could not pursue a courtship.  What you may not know is that six months later we met again at an immersion similar to The Intimacy Experience.  This time I was free from my previous partnership and by the end of the event, with the support of the magical environment and powerful practices we had fallen in love with a power and a depth that neither one of us had dreamed possible when we first stepped into the retreat. 

This work will change you.

This is different than the Awaken weekend, which was a profound opening and awakening of your own body and introduction to this work.  Now, we build on that foundation and have the potential to truly experience the paradise that is possible in this life through staying connected and alive in our own bodies and BRINGING that opening to all of our relationships.

Where Most of Us Are Stuck:

For almost all of us there comes a moment in time when we realize that while we have been coping pretty well, we are not actually happy in the way we once dreamed we would be. We are somehow not fulfilled.

 This shows up as:

·       stagnation in our partnerships ~ feeling like we can no longer see the things we once loved about our partner

·       finally realizing that we have been settling for little/no/or unsatisfying lovemaking ~ wondering if we have ever really explored who we are sexually and if we have ever experienced the profound pleasure that is possible.

·       looking around at the life we have created and feeling displaced ~ like we are on a spinning wheel just keeping up and we are no longer having fun, playing, feeling joyful. 

·       Having cultivated a powerful spiritual practice, but somehow noticing that our friendships, relationships and lovemaking somehow don’t feel very enlightened.

(BTW) These were all true for me when I attended my first Tantra weekend. 

Why a Tantra Immersion is a Dynamic Solution:                    

Whether we like it or not we have been living from programming. 

This is true for almost every human being on the planet. This programming is influenced by our culture, our family, our religion, our friends, the media, etc. It is often a system that makes us feel safe by defining things as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. This keeps us from having to dwell in the uncertain, the unknown where it can be uncomfortable and we have not had the skills to ‘meet’ this kind of intensity. 

Problem is that it is in this uncertain territory you have hidden your wholeness. You have hidden the dynamic, the indescribable, the absolute… the essence of yourself. 

Experiencing more pleasure in your life does not come from learning a few techniques of where to fiddle and press on yourself or a lover to bring about an orgasm. It comes from feeling safe enough and having the tools to come home to that unknown place. Between right and wrong, beyond category.

In this space, you are dynamic, you are alive, you are living your potential in all areas and you are able to connect with those you love with a simple authenticity that can move mountains.

Participants are saying:
In just one weekend I feel like I got 90% of my shit figured out."
"I had such a remarkable transformative weekend. Within the first three days of being back I was well on my way to transforming the most important relationships in my life, attracting the kind of love that had eluded me for years, and profoundly connecting with seemingly everyone I came in contact with.

It's the intensity of the weekend immersion with a whole community that creates more capacity for  transformation.

AND I had some really lovely, satisfying moments last night - evidence that old, entrenched, patterns are being replaced with healthier and more authentic ways of connecting as my whole-self.”

In just one weekend I feel like I got 90% of my shit figured out."  ~ Eric

The limitation of many therapies and modalities is that we are attempting to integrate them while immersed in our daily which is filled with the dynamics and patterns we have created to keep us safe from this rich unknown.

 "What is so special about a preparation process, immersion and follow up like the Intimacy Experience is that you have the opportunity to step OUT of the patterns that are keeping you stuck and you are immersed in a space where you are gently guided to feel totally free to be yourself."

In this kind of safety, surrounded by a community that wholeheartedly supports this process and is invested in this for themselves, there is a powerful invitation for you to rediscover parts of yourself that you had long-ago left behind.

 I, for the first time in a very long time was able to really authentically be myself and just open up to all of you without the fear of judgment. What a great feeling that is and now that I am aware of how that feels i want to continue developing my ability to be authentic to myself at all times. ~ Aurailia

I will be honest with you, much of my life has been created based on what awakened for me in the first 3 night immersion Tantra workshop that I attended.  For the first time in my life I experienced the potential that I had always felt alive inside of me.  This space that I had entered inside of myself had so much freedom, so much love, was so grounded in my most authentic self that I began to truly understand how to ‘ride the wave’ of life.  No matter what situations or emotions showed up during the weekend, I felt within myself the power and beauty of them.  
I began to embrace the 'real-nes' of life rather than fighting against it hoping to manipulate my circumstances to create a certain vision of perfection.

I began to love what is.  This transformed every aspect, every inch of how I show up in the world.  My gratitude for this experience is endless and it is with great joy that I now hold that space for you to discover this within yourself. 

Tantra is the only practice that has ever spoken to the hunger inside of me that has called out to be fed my entire life.  I have tasted the nectar and I can never go back.  Yes, yes, and yes.

Why this is a Transformational Immersion & Not Just an Event:

Through years of research and attending multiple Tantra and other self-development retreats, I discovered something that no one was talking about. Participants were having spectacular awakenings that had the potential to completely transform their lives, but they were only minimally integrating the changes they experienced. The overall texture of their life and challenges was staying the same.

I also noticed that a great deal of the challenge with the integration process had to do with a lacking in preparation leading up to the event which meant that much of the event was spent confused or resistant rather than deep diving.

So, I have carefully crafted this as a full program to provide you with the greatest potential for your personal success. The Bonuses & Community Building sections clearly outline the structure. It includes prep course, immersion event & follow up to hold you through every step of the process.

What would it be like to experience true freedom?              

What I am holding for throughout this experience is an opportunity for you to touch, taste and experience who you are beyond what society has dictated.  This is an opportunity to experience and explore beyond your ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.  

The most important thing to remember is that you create your experience and have free will throughout.  The only guideline is that you truly understand ‘taking responsibility’ for yourself and hold yourself precious and dear through the process, make choices that are loving and be prepared to stretch into unknown territory.  Take great care of yourself and it is possible to break through beyond what you have dared to dream possible.

This event is not for everyone. This weekend will challenge how you have defined yourself.  As your heart opens to allow more love in, you will inevitably face everything that has held you back from opening in this way up until this moment.   

For those of you who feel the call to stretch beyond your old comfort zone to what lies ahead of you in the context of intimacy and relationship, we invite and encourage you to step forward and join us.  

Where many events offer 2-3 sessions per day, this is an intensive immersion in the true sense of the words.  Tantra from first thing in the morning to late into the night ~ Tantra that will explode your heart open, have you stretching into new parts of yourself, experiencing authentic connections with new friends, discovering...

Taste a few days where you are free to live beyond the limitations you had previously set for yourself.

We get on the ‘bus’ on Thursday night and all together we embark on this journey into a new way of living from our hearts and beings.  The possibilities are rich and beyond what you can possibly imagine. 

This event will most likely (though it is not yet confirmed) take place in Ojai, CA.

The Event Includes:

                9 gourmet organic meals (Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch)

                3 nights shared lodging (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights)

                Tantra, Tantra, Tantra :)


I have spent the last several months in a deep inquiry about how to truly best support the community in allowing this work to integrate into their lives, especially after a powerful transformational event like this.  I am so excited to offer these bonuses which I feel make it easier to integrate the power and depth of this event.  

This kind of preparation and support in my experience is very rare for transformational events.  My vision is that this enhances the experience and allows me to truly hold your hand as you learn to live your Tantra life.

·       A 5 week preparatory class : ($1,500 value)~ for the 5 weeks leading up to the event there will be a LIVE class at my home in Los Angeles (You can attend via skype if you are not local), these classes will be recorded so if you can’t make it live you can listen in whenever it is convenient. Each class paves the way for you to be able to have the capacity to say ‘yes’ as you are asked to go deeper… joyfully & sweetly.  

     The class will take the blinders off about why you behave the way you do in certain situations to allow for the possibility of making a different choice and experiencing more freedom.

·       Group Sadhana ~ during the weeks leading up to the event we will all enter into a committed Tantric practice together.  You will be taught the simple practice in the teleclass series and guided through exactly how to get the most out of it.  Our practice will be a Tantric chakra clearing practice to prepare the body to allow even more freedom and energy to flow through the energy centers. This allows us to do a great deal of clearing BEFORE the event, which makes way for more delight and pleasure.

·       1 Follow-up Group Class ($300 value) as we are discovering a new way of living together, it is so important for us to stay connected to our new community, these check-ins will allow us to do just that.  I will also be live on the calls with you and will be able to support you with any specific issues that come up as you integrate. (These meetings will be in person whenever possible).

Additional Community Building:                                      

  • FREE Private Facebook Forum This becomes a place for us to really ‘hold one another’s hands’ and solidify the bonds that are being created before, during and after the event. In this crazy world where it can be difficult to maintain authentic connections, when many of us are immersed in a lifestyle where we do not necessarily feel free to be ourselves, being able to easily communicate with like-minded people can make all the difference in the world. *This is also a forum where Charu and Martin communicate regularly with the group.
  • Buddy System You will be heart-fully connected with someone in the group (we work to make gentle, loving alignments wherever possible) to support you and be your champion throughout this process. I have seen powerful bonds be created through this and it has supported previous participants in feeling even safer to enter into uncharted territory.

 Join Us:

As always, I want everyone who has that deep ‘yes’ in this moment to be there!  Follow that call within you.  I know in my being how amazing this event will be.  I know that you will emerge transformed and nothing will ever be the same.  I know that a new definition and experience of intimacy is waiting for you...

*The Awaken Weekend ( is a pre-requisite for The Intimacy Experience. Special offers are sometimes available when you register for both together.

Please contact us for an application & order form to reserve your space.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

The Intimacy Experience

Level 2 Tantra Immersion Event           
July 21st - 24th 2016
*all meals & shared lodging included* 
$4,000 per person 

** There will be a limited number of private rooms available for an additional $500, please request a private room on your application if you are interested.

In love,

*There are no substitutes for bonuses that are included